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Quality cladding

J C A Windows and Doors can supply and install top quality cladding for your home or business premises in the Motherwell area. Contact us today for details.

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Cladding installation

We can supply and install cladding from leading manufacturers

If you’re considering cladding for your property, then J C A Windows and Doors can help. Based in Motherwell, we’ve been installing cladding on domestic and commercial properties for 15 years, and we’ve built an excellent reputation for quality work carried out by an efficient and professional team.


When you contact us, we’ll listen to your requirements, talk you through your options, and offer advice based on your needs and circumstances. To start the process, just get in touch.

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Improved insulation

Cladding is an excellent way to improve the insulation of your property. The additional layer can help to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, making the property more comfortable and potentially lowering your energy bills, something that’s become increasingly important as energy costs shoot up.

An attractive addition

Cladding isn’t simply a functional addition to a home or business property! With an extensive range of options when it comes to styles, colours, finishes and more, cladding can add a unique aesthetic appeal to a property. We have a wide selection for you to discover, so why not contact our team today?

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Protecting your property

Cladding adds an additional layer of protection

Did you know that cladding can help to strengthen and protect a building? The right cladding, properly installed, adds mechanical strength to the structure of a property. It also helps to improve the weather resistance of your building by adding an additional layer of protection. On top of this, cladding is a very low maintenance addition, so you get all the benefits without having to spend time, money, or effort in constant maintenance. If this sounds good, please feel free to get in touch and find out more.

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Get in touch

To learn about your cladding options, contact the specialists in Motherwell. Get in touch with J C A Windows and Doors today by sending us an email.

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